Shalene’s Version

Andrew surprised me with a mini vacation for my birthday to Paris, a delight to say the least!  We took the Eurostar, and after my birthday nap (I always have one!) we went to a little place, Cafe Caramel, for a very yummy dinner and wine and dessert.  After, Andrew gave me a card with a little handwritten message on the front, and on the inside…

…was David Tennant.  Holding a sign.  Asking me to marry Andrew.

Seems when David did his last round of interviews the day of his transformation, Andrew and his buddy Geoff blatantly abused their BBC passes and got pics with him.  Andrew thrust a little placard at him, asking him to help propose to me.  And so, a very bemused/exhausted/and slightly worried 10th Doctor asked me to be Andrew’s wife. 

I began crying straight away, and Andrew grasped my hand, simply asking ‘So, will you?’.  I did what every girl in that situation would, I forced him to get on one knee (he didn’t think he was getting off that easy!).  And happily said yes.  After dinner we walked to the Eiffel Tour, and stood by the Seine, happily contemplating our future.  He’s a good boy, this one.

Andrew’s Version

It’s pretty much as Shalene described, although I shall forever treasure the look of surprise on Shalene’s face when she flipped open the card.

To be fair, I’d been planning it since the end of last year, when Geoff mentioned that David Tennant would be in the studios. It’s the one time I’ve abused my BBC pass privileges.