Shalene post HairAndrew on Shalene

I woo’ed her with an online rendition of a Lionel Ritchie song and the promise of naked David Tennant pictures. Foolishly, she fell for it, and I fell for her. She is honestly the funniest, silliest, warmest, most passionate, hottest and wise person I have ever been lucky to meet.

Whether we’re watching TV together, discussing her alarming similarity to Rhino The Hamster, quoting the entire script from The Matrix word-for-word, putting zombies to work, or when she’s trying to drag me onto the West End stage, we’re always laughing together. Plus, she’s the kind of woman who, for art, will sit on a bus for five hours and then walk naked through a freezing Salford for another five hours.

However, her addiction to pickles and ice cream is going to cause problems in the future.

Shalene on Andrew

Where do I begin?  Andrew is the greatest.  We met two years ago over Doctor Who, Shakespeare, and my inability to hold a civil tongue.  Over that time we accrued a vast number of frequent flier miles, and realized we were just mad enough to be together.  He’s at times the strongest and silliest man I know, puts up with my absolute insanity (I put pickles on everything!  Madness!!), and makes me want to a better person for him, and for us.  I Love You Monkey!  🙂